#BeingRemotelyTogether – A Two Day Zine Event

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Hi everybody! Hope you are all well and staying safe! We would like to invite you to #BeingRemotelyTogether – a two day zine-making event, focused on exploring “Feminisms, Technology and being remotely together”.

Event Overview

What? A 2-day zine making event centred around feminisms, tech and being remotely together.
When? 12th and 13th May, from 10am BST (open end)
How? Through zoom, remotely through the internet.
Sign-up? Link to the form is here.


What is a zine? A zine is self-made booklet or magazine, filled with poetry, art, personal thoughts, newspaper clippings, stamps, collages, embroidery … as long as it fits on paper, it can go into a zine.

What is this event about? This event hopes to bring people together to do some arts and crafts, speculate about potential futures, discuss feminisms and technologies, hold space for each other and make sense of what is happening right now with the pandemic. We hope to collect our individual zine pages into a bigger, collective one!

How do I take part? Please sign-up by filling in this form, so we send you a link to our zine-dedicated video conference call. You can drop-in and out on your own time (or only take part during one day!) and make a zine page (or many more!). At the end of the event, you can choose to send in your page to add to our collective zine (please email them to velvet.spors@nottingham.ac.uk)!

I’m not very crafty, can I still take part? Absolutely! We’d like to encourage you to make something that works for you. Scribbles, stick figures, sketches, handwritten notes are just as good as intricate images or collages.

I have a question/concern/comment! Sure thing! Please email velvet.spors@nottingham.ac.uk.

Thank you very much! <3

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