#CHIversity 2023

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Fempower.tech is back at CHI! CHIversity aims at strengthening the feminist community in HCI and highlight research furthering diversity. We have an in-person program open to all (coffee breaks meetups! zine making! a museum visit! a non-alcoholic evening events!), and we’re online as well! You can find us on Twitter (@fempower.tech) and continue these discussions on #CHIversity. This is our tentative program – please feel free to reach out if you have any questions!

You can also find all of this and our code of conduct in this shared document.

All locations for in-person events will be somewhere in the conference venue. We’ll announce those on the day via twitter and/or once we have a better idea of where there might be nice spaces for meetups at the venue!

The program


In person:

10:30 coffee-break meet-up with @agiselarc

12:35-14:00 PhD student lunch meet-up with @pranjal_HCI & Daisy O’Neill

18:30 non-alcoholic coffee meet-up with @niceotherwise &@agiselarc


15:30 CEST craft and coffee meet-up (Zoom link) with @ViTsenova


In person:

15:55 coffee-break meet-up with @tripsandflips_

TBD Early Career Researcher meetup

17:45 join @minhappylee in attending @ThePosthuman1st for their magazine launch and poetry readings. Meet at conference venue to arrive together

Wednesday is zine-making day!

In person

10:30-11:00 & 15:55-16:35 make zines about CHI with @nadiacw


15:55 make digital zines about CHI (Zoom link) with @DanielaMarkazi


In person

14:00 discussion about citational justice with @minhappylee

16:30 go to Museum fuer Kunst und Gewerbe with @tripsandflips_ (30 min. walk or 12 min. S-Bahn from conf venue) – we’re still ironing out details for this one so more info forthcoming! We’ll be visiting the “The F* Word: Guerilla Girls und feministisches Grafik Design” exhibition. We’re working on getting funding to pay peoples’ entry tickets so keep checking back with us!

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  1. Hi! I’m so sorry to spam you but it’s my first time at CHI and I just found out about this group. It would be super cool to meet you but finding you is really hard among so many people

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