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This years’ run-up to CHI has been very strange, and then due to the ongoing covid-19 pandemic, CHI had to be cancelled.

But, at fempower.tech, we wanted to provide an opportunity for people to present some of their work to an interested audience despite the cancellation. To do this, we have devised a plan for the first ever virtual #CHIversity panels.

Given the circumstances, we can’t really meet up in person for our, now annual, #CHIversity launch event on Monday night and we can’t come together for activities in the conference centre. But what we can do is meet virtually to learn more about the fantastic work that is going on. So that’s what we’re going to do.

To join all the panels, visit: https://newcastleuniversity.zoom.us/s/95453208262


28 April – 3pm BST

  • Marika Cifor, Patricia Garcia – Gendered by design: a duoethnographic study of personal fitness tracking systems
  • Weiwen Leung – Race, gender and beauty: The effect of information provision on online hiring biases
  • Sijia Xiao – Random, Messy, Funny, Raw: Finstas as intimate reconfiguration of social media
  • Aakash Gautam – Crafting, Communality, and Computing: Building on Existing Strengths To Support a Vulnerable Population


5 May – 2pm BST

  • Anupriya Tuli – ‘It’s a girl thing’: Examining challenges and opportunities around menstrual health education in India
  • Michael Ahmadi – Feminist Living Labs as research infrastructures for HCI: the case of a video game company
  • Josef Nguyen – Challenges of designing consent: Consent mechanics in video games as models of interactive user agency


12 May – 2pm BST

  • Oliver Haimson – Designing Trans Technology: Defining Challenges and Envisioning Community-Centered Solutions
  • Ashley Marie Walker – ‘More gay’ fits better: Introcommunity power dynamics and harms in online LGBTQ+ spaces
  • Cynthia L Bennett – The care work of access
  • Emory Edwards – Three tensions between personas and complex disability identities


19 May – 2pm BST

  • Anupriya Tuli – Menstrual (Im)Mobilities and Safe Spaces
  • Nadia Campo Woytuk – Touching and Being in Touch with the Menstruating Body
  • Nicola Wendt – Civic Empowerment through digitalisation: The case of Greenlandic women
  • Shruthi Sai Chivukula – Bardzell’s ‘Feminist HCI’ legacy: Analyzing citational patterns


26 May – 2pm BST

  • Aloha Hufana Ambe – An oldy’s lament: Poem of resistance and resilience of the ‘othered’ in technology colonisation
  • Rua Williams – ‘I am just terrified of my future’ Epistemic violence in disability related technology research
  • Katta Spiel – Agency of autistic children in technology research — A critical literature review
  • Maryam Mustafa – Patriarchy, maternal health and spiritual healing: Designing maternal health interventions in Pakistan


We have put together an initial plan for a series of five panels to discuss different aspects of feminist HCI work, as published at CHI 2020. We found the papers through keyword searchers, so are sure we have missed quite a few – we want to apologise for this, but please do get in touch with Angelika (angelika.strohmayer [at] northumbria.ac.uk) if you’d like to present your work in a future panel. Having said that, we’re not sure yet whether we’ll be able to continue these panels after the initial five.

The collection of papers for each panel was originally supposed to fit more thematically, but given all of our calendar constraints, as well as time-zone differences, we’ve created the programme we have.

Here’s also a list of other CHI-activities that are taking place, which may be of interest to you: some Workshops, and some Special Interest Groups.

Queer in HCI: Supporting LGBTQIA+ Researchers and Research Across Domains

You are invited to participate in the asynchronous and virtual activities that are taking place. Find out more here: https://queerinhci.wordpress.com

  • Asynchronous Idea Generation via Padlet: April 15 – April 28
  • Asynchronous Discussion via Slack: April 22-April 28
  • Live Event 1: Wednesday April 29 @ 1 pm CDT
  • Live Event 2: Thursday April 30 @ 10 am CDT

What’s Race Got To Do With It? Engaging in Race in HCI

This workshop will run virtually, but will be limited to those who applied and were accepted. Resources will be made available on the website though, so keep an eye on that: https://sites.google.com/view/raceinhci

Nothing About us Without Us: Investigating the Role of Critical Disability Studies in HCI

This workshop will not be running virtually, but you can keep up to date with what this workshop is about and the activities they are planning by visiting their website: https://katta.mere.st/nothing-about-us-without-us/

CHIMe: CHI Mentoring

Third workhop / mentoring activity will take place virtually this year, but information about joining will only be shared with accepted attendees. More information can be found here: https://chime2020.wordpress.com/

If you know of anything else that should be included on this website, please let us know!

Anyway, please do join us at these events, and please do share this schedule of events with your friends and colleagues!

2 thoughts on “#CHIversity 2020”

  1. Hello, I would like to join your sessions. How could I proceed? My name is Marina Costin Fuser and I’m a PhD in Gender Studies. I’m currently working on a post-doctoral project on feminist robots in Brazil.

    Many thanks.

    Marina Costin Fuser

    1. Hi Marina, it’s this link: https://meet.jit.si/chiversity – it was a bit obfuscated in the post as we were concerned about possibly getting abuse if we put the link in plaintext. But, I think we possibly overdid it though, so I’ve updated the post to make it clearer. 🙂

      Your research sounds really interesting– and we’d be really happy to see you there!

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