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#CHIversity … that’s me!
Keeping this in mind, we started our journey to CHI2019 in Glasgow. The weeks before had been busy as we prepared for this year’s #CHIversity. They involved reflections on #CHIversity 2018 in Montréal: things that we liked, things we wanted to add on and some things that we wanted to do differently this year. With a lot of organising, we came up with a final schedule and some of us still had energy for some last-minute projects. Here’s what happened:

#CHIversity Launch event

This year, we launched the campaign on Monday evening at the Glasgow women’s library and it was a truly great evening. The evening kicked off with a private tour through the women’s library and their archives and we learned a lot about its history, the people who actively shape the community and their archival collections. Did you know that the Glasgow women’s library is the only accredited museum in the UK dedicated to women’s lives?

After the tour we gathered to get started on the …

… #CHIversity Collaborative Crafting

For this, we developed our colourful toolkits from Montréal further – we wanted to make them even more accessible and creative. So this year we decided to prompt each of us to think of #CHIversity … that’s me and then personalise the template. We provided lots of colourful crafting materials, stickers, pens, glitter and we even made some cool buttons for our lanyards. These fit perfectly with our cool #CHIversity ribbons! The final crafting toolkits were all stiched up, forming a wooden quilt that represents our community and puts out a personal and diverse message #CHIversity … that’s us!
Here are some impressions: 

In addition to the launch event, we also had some continuous #CHIversity actions throughout the main conference days. These continued a daily meditation on the balcony each morning and we were happy to welcome a few regulars that sat with us in silence, bringing peace into a quite hectic surrounding. We also distributed sanitary products across all toilets in the venue to raise awareness for #CHIversity.

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