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At CHI2018 we hosted a number of events and sessions where CHI attendants could join us to make pages to create a CHIversity zine. We started on Monday afternoon at the Feminist-HCI SIG, where one group was asked to create a collage img_0394

At the end of the 90 min. session of the SIG, we had moved on from our intended discussions on the ways in which different feminist theories intersect with HCI, and instead had ended up discussing the keynote presented by Christian Rudder. Many of the groups the roughly 100 people who attended our SIG had divided themselves into all somehow ended up talking about this, so we decided to scrap our original SIG plans, and instead discuss what actions we could take forward to address the concerns many shared in the room and how to avoid such missteps by CHI organisers in the future. This resulted in a list of possible actions:


At our CHIversity launch on Monday evening, we then continued to craft the collage as well as some zine pages that may or may not have been inspired by this.

img_0396Throughout the rest of the week, we set up shop multiple times around the conference venue for some pop-up zine-making where many others also contributed. The outcome is a 33-page zine that we have loosely grouped into four sections: #CHIversity Values; Reflections on CHI2018; ACM, SIG, etc.; and Suggestions for CHI2019.


On Thursday afternoon, we showed the collected pages to the CHI2019 chairs, and discussed some ways in which #CHIversity could be integrated into the CHI programme in the next year. We discussed different opportunities and options, but also stressed the importance of it staying a grassroots action, while also highlighting the importance of institutional support.

Below, you can see the CHIversity 2018 Zine!

#CHIversity Values

page20 page21 page22 page23 page24 page25 page26 page27 page28

Reflections on CHI 2018

page29 page30 page31 page32 page33

ACM, SIG, etc.

page1 page2 page3 page4 page5 page6 page7

Suggestions for CHI 2019

page8 page9 page10 page11 page12 page13 page14 page15 page16 page17 page18 page19

If you want to download, print, and photocopy your own version of the CHIversity 2018 zine, you can do so with this pdf of: chiversity2018zinescans! We warn you though, the .pdf is in a different order, so you may have to go through and find the appropriate pages to create your zine in the same order as us.

If you print it out, or make your own additional pages, maybe even work on top of some of the existing pages, please credit everyone who contributed to this zine by crediting CHIversity 2018, and also let us know what you did by sharing your art with us via Twitter at @fempowertech 

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