Lynn Dombrwski’s Visit

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On August 31st, 2017, we were honored to have a lab visit from Lynn Dombrowski. Lynn is an Assistant Professor in the Human-Centered Computing Department at the School of Informatics and Computing at IUPUI. Much of Lynn’s work is associated with ‘empowerment’ , ‘ethics’ and ‘social justice’ which is similar to the work conducted in Open Lab, particularly under the Digital Civics’ agenda. Lynn was a hosting advisor for one of Open Lab’s students ‘Tag Alshehri’ in her student exchange program (feb-jun 2017). Lynn is also collaborating with Tag in writing a paper for CHI, co-authored by a research fellow at Open Lab, Reuben Kirham. As such, Tag invited Lynn and organized her visit to meet up with colleagues in Open Lab who are working on similar research projects. Lynn started her day by meeting with Peter Write (co-leader of Open Lab) and ended her day with a dinner with Patrick Olivier (Open Lab leader) and some colleagues.  During her day she met individually with a few students (Tag, Janis, Angelika) and RAs (Clara and Kelly) to discuss her and their projects as a way to exchange knowledge, give feedback and explore potential collaboration. We hope this visit was fruitful for all parties.

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