School-wide Pot-Luck

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Photo of attendees at the school-wide pot luck

Not so long ago, we moved into a new building at the University. We are now no longer in the Marjorie Robinson Library Rooms and have moved to the brand new Urban Sciences Building where we have very orange walls in the Open Lab office.

It wasn’t just our lab that moved to the new building, but almost the entire school of computing science moved here! This opens up a whole load of possibilities for our group to expand beyond Open Lab. I think it’ll be great to finally integrate into the wider school of computing science a bit more, and to get to know about all the amazing people that work there! Of course, we’ve met a few of them previously, but it’s just nice to be able to run events for the whole school more easily (at least spatially…)

So, one of the first things we did when we moved was write an e-mail to the cs-all mailing list. Scary stuff. We then did an even more annoying thing, and sent a calendar invite to cs-all for our first event in the new building. I don’t think I’ve ever (or will ever) get this many e-mails from people who have declined my event…but I also got a lot of ‘accept’ e-mails, a few tentatives, and a ‘that’s great!’ e-mail from the former head of school.

I attached a screenshot from the tweet we sent out about our last pot-luck, which was still in the old building, to show our smily faces…I guess just to say: ‘we’re nice people, I promise!’ or something along those lines…

But anyway, overall, I think the e-mails we sent were very much a success.

We saw some faces we already knew, met some new people, found out about some pretty awesome stuff that’s happening in the university for early career researchers, and got some new people added to our mailing list.

The pot-luck lunch itself went really well too! First, it was the usual suspects that came, but then as it got to a little after 12 more people started to arrive! We had some delicious food to share, and some juicy conversations.

Until next time (the 27th of September)!

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