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Here we provide a list of papers that will be presented at CHI that are related to feminisms, social justice, diversity, etc. Though we’re trying, we can’t promise this is a complete list. We’re currently contacting authors to be on here – get in touch if you want your paper here (DM @fempowertech or a dot strohmayer at ncl dot ac dot uk).

Saturday / Sunday Workshops and Symposia

Balaam, M., Hansen, L.K., D’Ignazio, C., Simpson, E., Almeida, T., Kuznetsov, S., Catt, M., Søndergaard, M.L.J. Workshop: Hacking Women’s Health

Kumar, N., Dray, S., Sturm, C., Sambasivan, N., Gaytan Lugo, L.S., Morales, L., Dahya, N., Ahmed, N. Symposium: HCI Across Borders 


11:30-12:50 Room 201: Mental Health
Birbeck, N., Lawson, S., Morrissey, K., Rapley, T., Olivier, P. Self Harmony: Rethinking Hackathons to Design and Critique Digital Technologies for Those Affected by Self-Harm

14:30-15:50 Room 201: Self-Tracking Mental Health
Eikey, E.V., Reddy, M.C. “It’s Definitely Been a Journey”: A Qualitative Study on How Women with Eating Disorders Use Weight Loss Apps

14:30-15:50 Room 301: SIG
Singh, A., Newhouse, N., Gibbs, J., Blandford, A.E., Chen, Y., Briggs, P., Mentis, H., Sellen, K.M., Bardram, J.E. HCI and Health: learning from interdisciplinary interactions


09:30-10:50 Room 107/109: Social Computing and Health
MacLeod, H., Bastin, G., Liu, L.S., Siek, K.A., Connelly, K. “Be Grateful You Don’t Have a Real Disease”: Understanding Rare Disease Relationships

09:30-10:50 Room 201: Design and Cognitive Impairment
Morrissey, K., McCarthy, J., Pantidi, N. The Value of Experience-Centred Design Approaches in Dementia Research Contexts

09:30-10:50 Room 103/105: Players, Spectators, Communities
Bowey, J.T., Depping, A.E., Mandryk, R.L. Don’t Talk Dirty to Me: How Sexist Beliefs Affect Experience in Sexist Games

Shaer, O., Westendorf, L., Knouf, N.A., Pederson, C. Understanding Gaming Perceptions and Experiences in a Women’s College Community

11:30-12:50 Room 201: Perspectives on Cognitive Impairment
Morrissey, K., Garbett, A., Wright, P., Olivier, P., Jenkins, E.I., Brittain, K. Care and Connect: Exploring Dementia-Friendliness Through an Online Community Commissioning Platform

Lazar, A., Edasis, C., Piper, A.M. Supporting People with Dementia in Digital Social Sharing

14:30-15:50 Room 103/105: Supporting Low Resource Communities
Sorcar, P., Strauber, B., Loyalka, P., Kumar, N., Goldman, S. Sidestepping the Elephant in the Classroom: Using Culturally Localized Technology To Teach Around Taboos

14:30-15:50 Room 302: Human Computer Integration
Britton, L.M., Semaan, B. Manifesting the Cyborg through Techno-Body Modification: From Human-Computer Interaction to Integration

16:30-17:50 Room Four Seasons 2/3:  Social Justice
Karusala, N., Kumar, N. Women’s Safety in Public Spaces: Examining the Efficacy of Panic Buttons in New Delhi

Strohmayer, A., Laing, M., Comber, R. Technologies and Social Justice Outcomes in Sex Work Charities: Fighting Stigma, Saving Lives

Rho, E.H.R., Haimson, O.L., Andalibi, N., Mazmanian, M., Hayes, G.R. Class Confessions: Restorative Properties in the Online Experience of Socioeconomic Stigma

16:30-17:50 Room 203: Autism, disabilities and assistive technology
Spiel, K., Frauenberger, C., Hornecker, E., Fitzpatrick, G. When Empathy Is Not Enough: Assessing the Experiences of Autistic Children with Technologies


11:30-12:50 Room Four Seasons 4: Food & Nutrition
Hentschel, J., Sherugar, S.M., Zhou, R., Kameswaran, V., Chandwani, R., Kumar, N. Rice Today, Roti Tomorrow: Diets and Diabetes in Urban Indian Households

14:30-15:50 Room 111/113: Technology in Households
Prabhakar, A.S., Guerra-Reyes, L., Kleinschmidt, V., Jelen, B., MacLeod, H., Connelly, K., Siek, K.A. Investigating the Suitability of the Asynchronous, Remote, Community-based Method for Pregnant and New Mothers

16:30-17:50 Room 103/105: Speculation and Storytelling
Schlesinger, A., Edwards, W.K., Grinter, R.E. Intersectional HCI: Engaging Identity through Gender, Race, and Class


09:30-10:50 Room 107/109: What Things Look Like
MacLeod, H., Bennett, C.L., Morris, M.R., Cutrell, E. Understanding Blind People’s Experiences with Computer-Generated Captions of Social Media Images

09:30-10:50 Room 110/112: Participant Design with Children 
Spiel, K., Malinverni, L., Good, J., Frauenberger, C. Participatory Evaluation with Autistic Children

14:30-15:30 Room 102/104: Appropriation and Individuation
Hill, C.G, Haag, M., Oleson, A.L., Mendez, C., Marsden, N., Sarma, A., Burnett, M. Gender-Inclusive Personas vs. Stereotyping: Can We Have it Both Ways?

Do you think your paper should be on this list? Or do you know of a paper that should be on this list? Let us know and we’ll add it! Either send an e-mail to a dot strohmayer at ncl dot ac dot uk or DM us on Twitter at @fempowertech.

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