#CHIversity at the Diversity Lunch

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Ebtisam will be giving a brief talk at the Diversity Lunch this year in relation to experiences of Arab researchers at CHI and in the wider HCI community.

While attending CHI for three years in a row, she has been wondering about: Where are the Arab researchers @CHI? Why there is a very limited number of HCI research focused on the Arab context over the past years? Who is assessing the trustworthiness of these researches? Do they have the needed experience with the context? Do we have any Arab researchers in the program committees?

She turned her energy and established the ArabHCI initiative, ArabHCI.org, which reflects her eagerness to empower HCI research in the Arab context and increase the visibility of Arab researchers. As part of this community, a series of events organised in the SIGCHI conferences for 2017 at CHI and DIS, to discuss cross-cultural differences, challenges and opportunities in the HCI field. She has been invited by the ‘Diversity and Inclusivity Lunch Chairs’ @CHI2017 to discuss these issues in front of the community.

Ebtisam is a Saudi PhD candidate based in Newcastle University at Open Lab, and remains a lecturer in the IT Department at King Saud University. Her current research is in the area of HCI, mHealth and social computing. She’s @Ebtisam on Twitter.

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