Writing Group

6Jul - by Angelika - 0 - In

Being a PhD student, MRes student, or academic requires us all to do a lot of writing, but fitting this in between all the other things we have to do can sometimes be hard. To support one another in our writing endeavours we started a writing group at Open Lab. This is open for anyone in the lab to attend and is hosted Wednesday mornings. We don’t follow any specific format, but ask that all those who attend work on some piece of writing they want to get done. We tell each other what we are going to work on, and then feedback how far we got with this at the end of the session. It’s not a rigid schedule so people join when it suits them and when it’s useful for htem to join in.

At the moment, this is a group that meeds on-and-off rather than every Wednesday. The meet-ups are usually triggered by someone writing an e-mail saying they are going to be in a certain space in Open Lab on Wednesday morning to do some writing.