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The Pot-Luck is a monthly gathering of great academic minds in Open Lab over the love of three fantastic things; research, writing and food.

It’s a well known fact that academics require subsistence over the space of a day of their endeavours however this often takes on the form of questionable sandwich fillings, starchy leftovers and whatever is available within a 5-minute-walk radius (if the weather permits). However, every now and again it’s great to show off a culinary muscle and make something new for a change and make a dish for friends to enjoy without the bother of a full dinner party and have a catch up on what people are up to on their research endeavours.

So a monthly session was launched where each researcher could bring in a dish of their choice to share amongst their colleagues but also bring along the following topics to discuss;

  • – What stage their research is at so other members of the lab can keep up to date with their activities
  • – Any areas a researcher might need assistance on, in terms of both guidance and manpower for any upcoming engagements with participants
  • – Potential collaborations on academic papers that might be of interest
  • – A ‘sense-check’; “does this make sense?” on existing academic work


Check more out at the indepth blog post that Angelika has written here:

The First Writing Support Pot-Luck Lunch